I'm going to tell you the most stereotypical and classic story a filmmaker/content creator could ever tell. Ever since i was a young boy i've been intrigued by the visual arts.
I started my own youtubechannel creating gameplay-videos and small-bad-edited vlogs. I was the kid taking the family pictures on vacations (i even lost a camera at a gas station in france once, sorry mom, thanks for driving all the way back). all of this combined with the editing of videos and photos with the classical cracked versions of photoshop and sony vegas pro!  

i've been lucky enough to get into the photography industry after one of our local legends retired his streak of capturing local parties. I started to get more and more bookings, which captured the eyes of a couple of young festival-organisers. Ever since that day i've been the main photographer for some slighly bigger and well-known festivals in the area.
In another way all of the eventphotography brought me close to some local artists (DJ R15, De Rand, Dj duo Leitmotiv) who i closely follow around for some of their shows. 

I started studying photography at Narafi learning all about the technical skills needed to create and film good content.  but thats not where my story ends. maybe the best decision i've ever made was going to RITCS. This is where i learned the more important part of this whole branche, Creativity and Vision. The 2 words that i try to use in all my audiovisual work and that will always be a big part of my workethics.

Personally, outside of the audiovisual arts, i might come over as very chaotic but i think thats my style. I've always been a proud Brusseleir and if there is one way to describe brussels, i'd say it is chaotic. 
I'm a very big fan of our local team RSC Anderlecht. Along the way i got some close contacts in the mysterious world of being an Ultra, which provided me of some amazing and intimate photos of a closed world.  
Ooooutside of all that, my name is Robbe, which i kinda hope you know after being this far into my website. i'm all over the place in case of technological evolution and i'm always up to date about any new gear!
I still have a lot to learn.. but it'll never stop me!
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